- Designed for internal and external gain with the external directing its signal towards its allocated area
- Dramatically increases your data speeds of up to 100db of signal gain on the Telstra networks 3G/4G/4GX (where signal is available)
Brand: CEL-FI
$ 2170.00


- Perfect for farms or properties with off site buildings - please note that signal does not travel through metal so tin sheds will need windows or an open door to receive the boosted signal 

- The external antenna can send signal multiple km/s, allowing for large fields to receive this boosted signal 

- Up to date multi-band panel antenna covers all the bands for LTE 700MHz, cellular bands, as well as ISM, WLAN, GSM1800, UMTS and Bluetooth 

- The Mars antenna is a compact weatherproof design that has an unobtrusive profile which blends in easily with any environment. It can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications and features different mounting options 

- Will provide coverage for 20+ active users depending on the mobile network capacity in your area 

- Email, internet, video and social networking speeds can achieve up to 4x improvement

- Provides coverage for home and building applications

- Increased mobile data speeds

- Extends mobile phone battery life

- Eliminates dropped or missed calls

- Improves voice quality

- Includes the following parts:

1x CF-GOHOME - Cel-Fi Go amplifier module 

1x CF-ANTLOG - LPDA log periodic outdoor antenna (includes pole mounting hardware and 10m cable)

1x CF-ANTWALL - Wall mount repeater (Internal Antenna) 

1x CF-ANTMARS - MARS Outdoor weather-proof wall mount antenna

1x CF-2SMA - 2-way SMA Splitter

1x CAL5048 - 1.5m SMA to SMA cable

2x CF-CAB10M - 10m Cables for antennas